The #1 all time most-asked question... Where can I buy stuff?

I'm not a shop, I don't live in the UK or US, and I'm not selling any of my stuff... However, here are some suggestions:

  • EBay
  • EIL Mail Order
  • Vinyl Tap, another UK dealer with lots of FAC stuff
  • GEMM, a good music dealer search facility
    Search the world
    for your music!
  • Factory mailing list, join and ask there

The #2 all time most-asked question... How can I contact Factory (now F4 Records)?

Go to their website at


The unofficial Factory site would not be nearly as comprehensive as it is, if it were not constantly updated and corrected by many excellent people, including:

Richard P. Kernin - Rob Stanzel (*lots* of help with images - Durutti-head - etc!) - Michael P. Stein - Bernt Olav Rostad - Mike Dewit - Jeremy Keens - David Hopman - Randall Meyer - Tom Irwin - Matt Glidden - Dave Lofquist - Michael Vazquez - Rui Tavarez - Bingomaster - Edward S. Arthur - Fernando Lopez-de-Victoria - Terry Egan - Andre de Koning - Ian White (Wendys Guitarist) - Brad Rhodes - Michael McAfee - Mark-Phillip Knight - Frank Brinkhuis (*big* help with images, Factory Benelux, Factory US etc, make sure you check his brilliant Crepescule page) - Richard Fairhurst - Tim Difford (FAC 159) - Robert Walker Boyd - John Dietrich - Rob Kyffin - John Sykes Fletcher (FAC 159 also) - Eifion Bedford - Tom Zimmer (*big* help with images) - Steve Inch - Bruce Carle (*big* help with images) - Paul Boyd - Niall Kennedy - Adesh Deosaran - Karl from Dominion Software - Frederik Buchvald - Daniel Grobani - Julian Morey (designer of FAC 311) - Helen Hughes - Neil Jones, Unitary PR - Sebastian Luetzow (self-confessed maniac and FacOZ/CA/JP info) - Jane Stanton (producer of FAC 451) - John Cooper - Jakob Winnberg - John Walsh - James Healey - Jeff Campagna - Kenn Lee - Ian Buchan - Richard Izdebski - Alain Bilzarian - Neil Jackson - Tsuyoshi Maeda - Brian Nicholson (Ikon Video) - John Collis - David Cooper - Hans Joerg (thanks for the ACR collages) - All the readers of the Factory mailing list

Cheers... Dennis


"We were Factory too only for the 3 year period where we were owned by London/Polygram. An unbearable nightmare. London Polygram thought that they had bought everything, our bands, our catalogue and our name. They had, except that our official business name was Factory Communications Ltd which they had bought from the receiver for 50,000. 18 months ago we bought the name Factory Records Limited for 136 from Companies House in London." (AHW)